Thursday, June 6, 2013

Patterned Star Garlands

I picked up a trick about how to get more out of that expensive star paper you buy in stores. When folded, you really only see the last half of a strip of star paper; the other half is buried inside. So what I do is cut strips of plain white paper of the same wide as my star paper.  I cut my strips of star paper in half. I use the white strips to make the core and then wrap the patterned star paper on the outside. This way I get two stars out of every strip of star paper – neat, eh?

Dimensions: Stars ~2cm wide, garlands of various lengths
Materials: commercial star paper, white printer paper, cotton thread, green and blue bicone plastic beads, green and blue round plastic beads
Tools: safety pin, sewing needle
Time to make: several hours…exact time uncertain…

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