About Us

We are two sisters who have been making crafts ever since we were old enough to fight over the crayons. Age has not dimmed our enthusiasm for cool projects and we have amassed a healthy collection (very healthy) of craft supplies over the years thanks to a wealth of ambitions but a dearth of time. Most of our creations have become gifts for friends and family so we started this blog (well... more like Andrea started this blog and dragged Allison along) as a way of keeping track of what we have accomplished. 

We hope you enjoy our work and feel free to share with us any of your own creations!


Crafting dilettante and instigator of this blog (which should be obvious from the sheer number of posts in my name). I have an obsession with paper and am easily distracted by sparkly things. With a busy, full time job, it is hard to find the time for finishing craft projects (despite what the existence of this blog may suggest ;) ) but I have proven that a person will always make the time to do the things she loves. 


Sketcher, sculptor, knitter and yarn hoarder. I have more hobbies than I have time and will occasionally indulge my sister's love of documenting everything. 

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