Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuna Dip

Nothing like the internet to help you come up with something last minute. My friend, Jen, had her bridal shower a few weeks ago and each one of us attending was supposed to bring an appetizer. I whipped up a dip in just a few minutes with the stuff I had in my kitchen. I thought it was pretty good - too bad I didn't write down the proportions of anything.

1 can of tuna (this is the only thing I know exactly how much I put in)
Philadelphia cream cheese
Heinz mayonnaise with olive oil
Fresh ground pepper
Fresh green onion
Dried garlic

I served it with pita chips. I liked it enough that I will probably make it again but if I'm eating it by myself, then I'm loading it up with a lot more garlic and onion. Yum! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birthday Invitations

It's going to be --------'s birthday (he, quite unreasonably, told me to leave his name blank but anyone who knows me can guess who I am talking about :P) soon and he wanted to invite his school friends over for a birthday party. Usually, ------- (he does not agree this looks ridiculous) has next to no interest in my crafting but this time, he asked me to help him create his invitations. I was honoured. :)

I flipped through Pinterest for over an hour, trying to come up with a design that looked good but at the same time was also simple enough for him to manage. (He was going to actually make the cards. I was just going to supervise.)

Everything is gathered - we are all set!
The card in the photo above was my prototype. Simple but nice.

All ready to go!
A few hours later and voila! I thought he did an excellent job. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tastes like Autumn

Besides the changing colours of the leaves, nothing says autumn like the rich flavours of apple and cinnamon! More baking adventures as I attempted to make mini apple fritter muffins. They came out a lot denser than I think they were supposes to, but at least you could really taste the apple.

Original recipe: http://chasingsomebluesky.blogspot.ca/2011/10/apple-fritter-muffins.html

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pop Up House Card

As creative as this card is, unfortunately, I cannot take any credit for this design. I found the pattern on www.mrprintables.com which has some really cute crafts. One of my uncles recently bought a new house and so my family needed a cool card to accompany his gift.

This card was a little small on the template and so I had to make my own measurements and draw out the design myself in order to make a more substantial card. To make sure that all went well with my recipient, I even included instructions on how to open the card on the envelope.

Now the card can be easily displayed: a home within a home. :)