Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birthday Invitations

It's going to be --------'s birthday (he, quite unreasonably, told me to leave his name blank but anyone who knows me can guess who I am talking about :P) soon and he wanted to invite his school friends over for a birthday party. Usually, ------- (he does not agree this looks ridiculous) has next to no interest in my crafting but this time, he asked me to help him create his invitations. I was honoured. :)

I flipped through Pinterest for over an hour, trying to come up with a design that looked good but at the same time was also simple enough for him to manage. (He was going to actually make the cards. I was just going to supervise.)

Everything is gathered - we are all set!
The card in the photo above was my prototype. Simple but nice.

All ready to go!
A few hours later and voila! I thought he did an excellent job. 

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