Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuna Dip

Nothing like the internet to help you come up with something last minute. My friend, Jen, had her bridal shower a few weeks ago and each one of us attending was supposed to bring an appetizer. I whipped up a dip in just a few minutes with the stuff I had in my kitchen. I thought it was pretty good - too bad I didn't write down the proportions of anything.

1 can of tuna (this is the only thing I know exactly how much I put in)
Philadelphia cream cheese
Heinz mayonnaise with olive oil
Fresh ground pepper
Fresh green onion
Dried garlic

I served it with pita chips. I liked it enough that I will probably make it again but if I'm eating it by myself, then I'm loading it up with a lot more garlic and onion. Yum! :)

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