Thursday, July 31, 2014

Paint Chip Notebooks

I do not think there is a crafter out there who can resist the colourful lure of paint chips. All those vivid colours with evocative names like ‘Black Apple’ and ‘Celestial Sun’ – they are eye candy in the hardware store.

Anyone who knows me will also know that I have a great love of blank notebooks. (I have more notebooks then I have ideas to fill them. Clearly, that just means…I need more ideas :P) That is why, when I came across this cute idea on Pinterest, I just had to make it. It marries two of my favorite things!

They are so easy to make and conveniently, I happened to have a stack of paper scraps which were the perfect size lying around my room. I had originally just clipped the papers together with a bull clip and were using them as a scrap pad that way but now, the note pads are far more attractive. I can easily slip one of these in my purse for those earth-shattering, mind-boggling ideas I get on the go.  

I made two different sizes based on the paint chips I had on hand.

The paper stacks were too thick for a staple to go through (no matter how much I tried...)

In the end, I ended up sewing the pages together. A little more work but it holds together beautifully and also lies flat when opened.

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