Friday, May 8, 2015

Fair or Fowl...or Fruit?

Some projects are finished in an afternoon. Others take two years.

Yep, that lovely pomelo sitting my cousin Patrick's hands was two years in the making. It all started when my ninth aunt bought a 3D origami crafting book from Hong Kong and my cousins and I ambitiously decided to make a figurine together. Originally, it was supposed to be a chicken (you can sort of imagine it...right?) but due to a little miscommunication it ended up evolving a bit over the course of two years. My cousin Patrick was responsible for the majority of the construction and was also the one who made the executive decision to change the sculpture into a pomelo.

A direct quote from the architect: "Since it didn't go into the shape of a chicken, I decided to make it into a fruit...[I'm going to put this] on my desk."

There are over 800 pieces in this figure. It took over 10 hours, 5 people, and half a bottle of white glue. It's hard as a rock and can seriously injure someone if thrown. I was tempted to try the latter out ;). 

I'm almost a little sad to see the end of this project but now, we're just going to have to plan something new. 

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