Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Top 5 Pinterest To Dos

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I pin...a lot. Most of the stuff I pin, however, is just for inspiration or just for admiring. There are a few pins though that I actually plan on trying - eventually. The road from dreaming to reality can be a long one even for crafting. So, in order of intentions, here are my top 5 Pinterest to dos: (click on any of the pictures to get to the original website)

Frame the key from your first home together--would be cute with a street map behind the key.    Will definitely make this one day!

It was the caption on this pin that really caught my attention. I have lived in a total of three different houses and I have the keys for all of them currently collecting dust in some drawer. They are a bit too heavy to scrapbook but I think this would be a really neat wall hanging if I had a map of the neighbourhoods behind each key along with a picture of the house. It could be a timeline-like display.

Ticket Stub Memory Box LOVE THIS!!

I am such a pack rat and among my many collections are ticket stubs (and accompanying programs for theatre performances). This would be such a cute way of storing all my ticket stubs and displaying them. I could have an attached rack for holding all my programs as well. 

DIY/Repurposed  ::   DIY Shrinky Dink

Remember shrinky-dinks? I do...vaguely. I never made any as a kid but I always did find them neat. When I came across this on Pinterest, I really wanted to try it and I spent several weeks examining every plastic box we had trying to find number 6 plastic. I've finally got one :) Now, I just have to wait until summer so that I can take my toaster oven outside - I'm not keen on having the smell of melting plastic permeating my house.

Christmas Tree Bokeh - Top Christmas Pictures to Get Before the Tree Comes Down!

I completely forgot about this pin this Christmas. *sigh* I really want to try it for myself and attempt to take these types of pictures. I guess I'll have to wait for next year. There are some really neat examples on the internet. I think they would make fantastic pictures for Christmas cards.

paper ball garland

I saw a paper ball garland made from paint chips on Etsy a while back and thought that it would be a fun way to use some of those paint chips and other paper scraps I have lying around.

If you check out my Pinterest boards, you will notice that there are a lot of other projects on there (and more are being added all the time!). So many crafts, so little time. Do you have any crafts that are on your to do list? Care to share? :)

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