Thursday, April 9, 2015

Schroeder and Beethoven Live On...

My formerly 16-year-old cousin (the previous recipient of my Mario birthday card) has now turned 17 (whoa - I can barely believe it!) and so, of course, I made him yet another card. Aside from video and computer games, I know that this cousin really enjoys playing the piano. He does an amazing job playing theme songs by memory and it's always wonderful listening to him.

Ever since I came across some shaker cards while blog-surfing, I have been meaning to put my collection of random confetti to good use. I have a variety of confetti accumulated from graduations, birthday parties and dollar store visits. The shiny shapes have always screamed 'craft material' but honestly, I had yet to come up with a good way to incorporate them into any projects. This was perfect and I had a cute little box of music notes that I wanted to use first. 

Of all the Peanut characters, Schroeder is my favorite (well...him and Linus). I really wanted to use him but first, I had to make sure that my cousin even knew who he was (it is an OLD comic after all) - luckily, he did.  Therefore, Schroeder and his iconic piano made it front and centre. 

By the way, this is how a shaker card works:

This is how it looks at first. Give it a little shake and...

...a symphony appears!

A window is cut into the front of the card. A clear pocket is made of a piece of folded acetate which contains confetti and the sides are sealed off. A second piece of card cut to size is glued onto the inside of the card to hide all the tape which attaches the clear pocket behind the window. 

See? All neat and tidy. 

I have a music note punch as part of my set of 40 punches and so I sprinkled a few of the punched shapes on the inside to break up the expanse of white. 

I am really happy with how this card turned out :). Now I just need to figure out what to do with my dinosaur confetti...

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