Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh My Stars!

Dimensions: A little over 6’3 long, stars ~2cm wide (I know, I am mixing up my units : P )
Materials: white printer paper, white cotton thread, pink round plastic beads, red round plastic beads, silver round plastic beads
Tools: safety pin, sewing needle,
Time to Make: Not sure since this was spread over several weeks…

The strips that I used to make these origami stars were the scraps left over after I had finished trimming the edges of an agenda I was putting together. The cheerful little beads were a gift from a friend (from way, way back in junior high... how long ago was that?) which I never found a use for. A few meters of cotton thread and voila! A star garland. I got bored of having my stars just sitting around in jars.

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