Saturday, April 27, 2013

Craft Books from China

I recently went on vacation to parts of Mainland China with my family. The itinerary consisted mainly of eating and shopping. Of course, I had to hunt for some craft books; they are so much cheaper in China than in Canada! I found some really neat new crafts for me to try. Unfortunately, I can't read simplified Chinese but luckily, I have a mother who can (parents are so useful that way ; ) )  This is why pictures are absolutely vital to a good craft book. I am so excited about what I found, I have to show them off:

Not a craft book exactly but this book shows you how to make bows and gives different ideas about how to gift wrap presents. Compact and very useful.

This was an impulse buy - I bought it because it was pretty and it was cheap but I honestly do not know what I am going to do with it. I have never hemmed anything before and do not really have anything to hem but it just looked so neat that I could not help myself. I am sure I can fancy up a few shirts and pillow cases.

Chinese knots look so complicated but also so cool. I found this encyclopedia of various types of knots to try. We shall have to see how my skills with rope are. : P

The bulk of my vacation was spent in Hong Kong and the books which I found there were several times more expensive than the ones I got from Mainland China but the selection was much better. (And I can read traditional Chinese!) Check out some of what I found:

I was quite disappointed with how few good beading animal books there were. Either I did not like the patterns but I already owned it. This was the only one new one that I bought. Some of the bears are so cute!

Clay is such a versatile medium and the results can be so adorable. I do not have much experience with clay but it is definitely on my to do list. Looking at these covers; how could I resist purchasing them? 

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