Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My precious...

During my family vacation to Mainland China, we found out through a friend of a friend of family where we could find some cheap craft supplies. My main goal was beads for my beaded animals. It was a convoluted route (which I don't recommend for the faint of heart) but we found a whole building of craft supply whole sellers. There was a whole floor of stalls which sold only beads. I swear there were over 50 different stands. I was in crafter heaven! There were also pearls, chains, beading lines, etc. It was incredible - I never knew places like this existed! I so wished I lived in China for that reason.

It is times like these that I am very much aware of my magpie-like tendencies. These beads are the newest additions to my collection. Are they not gorgeous? The photos really do not do them justice. If you hold them up to the sunlight, they sparkle like rows and rows of gems. Lovely…

My sister says that it looks like I could open a store here in Canada.

Another friend suggested that I just hang them all in front of my door as a curtain.

I had not planned on buying this many. When I first began selecting colours, I was much more conservative.

Then my mother reminded me that we are not coming back to China any time soon so if I wanted something, I had better get it.

I ended up buying 16 980 beads. 

I love my mother! : D

At least I have no regrets. Nothing worse than thinking, 'Oh shoot! I should have also gotten..."

This supply should last until my next vacation to China. ; P

They are made of glass and you can really feel the weight and coolness of them when you hold them in your hand. There were also crystal beads available in China but I decided to play it safe and not purchase any since I do not know how to gauge the quality of crystal.  These glass beads already add enough sparkle to my projects. 

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