Thursday, May 23, 2013

Twinkle, twinkle little star...

Cutting paper strips can be very tedious. I would much rather have someone or something else do it for me. Hunting through my basement, I found a wonderful old paper shredder which cut paper into even, thin strips. Perhaps not the best for paranoid people’s confidential documents (a really patient person could probably slowly piece the papers back together) but great for cutting star paper. Of course that’s only if you are okay with making tiny stars. A bit challenging and quite fiddly but very cute.

Foil paper can end up getting a stressed look when handled a lot.  Not crisp but the look has a charm of its own. 

I made these from floral wrapping paper from a present that I had given to someone. He thought I did such a nice job with wrapping that he was careful not to tear the paper and then he gave the paper back to me to wrap something else.
: P

Elephants and bunnies were the original pattern of this baby-shower-type wrapping paper. Too bad  you can't really tell now that it has been made into stars.

Dimensions: ~ 1cm wide
Materials: assorted wrapping paper
Tools: paper shredder
Time to make: Length of several movies…though I won’t tell you which ones ; )

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