Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mario is Timeless

The problem with making cards is that regardless of when I make them, I can only post them on my blog after I have given them away or else, my intended recipients might stumble across my posting and the surprise would be ruined.

This one was made way back in January on a card-making date with one of my crafting friends. One of my young cousins just turned sixteen this month. SIXTEEN! It boggles the mind. I was stumped at first with what to put on his card. I thought about the popular moustache theme which has been cropping up on a lot of projects online lately but I must admit, I was not all that into the idea. I knew he liked video games but it had been so long since I had seriously played that I was not sure what was popular nowadays.

That is why I decided to fall back on the classics. Mario is timeless and a child at any age knows what a super mushroom is and does. (And if he/she does not then there is something clearly lacking in his/her education.)

Originally, I was going to write 'Grow up!' on the front.

I thought about stamping the words on the inside but handwriting it made it more personal. 

Note: I have no idea why each picture has gotten successively darker and I don't know how to fix it. The pictures were not that dark prior to uploading.

Dimensions: 19 x 14 cm
Materials: White cardstock, red cardstock, beige cardstock, black cardstock, printer paper
Tools: Scissors, utility knife, gluestick, Sharpies, thin point black marker, stamps
Time to Make: 2-3 hours [Clearly, I will never make a living out of making cards because I work too slowly! : ) ]

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