Saturday, April 19, 2014

Of Cousins and Crafting

Yesterday was Good Friday and so the family gathered together for dinner like we usually do for most long weekends. My cousins and I were happily raiding my aunt’s craft supplies and were all fired up to make kusudama flowers (because we figured that we actually stood a chance of finishing this craft in an evening) but to our dismay, we discovered that there wasn’t any glue. We were undaunted in our resolve to make paper crafts so we settled on doing origami.

Sadly, my efforts turned out terrible (I attempted a Kawasaki rose and a Lotus flower. Both ended up ripping) and are not worth posting. My cousins, however, came away with far more successful creations. I tried to get them to say something about their work and this was all I got:

"I like it! I would make a bouquet..." (Note: She didn't sound very convincing.)
"It all started with the box...I didn't understand was very hard to make. After I got help from my cousin, then I started to get it."
"After I finished the box, I made a button hole flower like my other cousin did."
 Clearly, I need to work on my interviewing skills - these were very reluctantly made statements.

The mini-grand piano at my aunt's house served as a refreshingly different background for my photos. I am starting to get a little tired of my desk being the setting of my photos. I am going to have to get more creative.

Speaking of crafts and cousins, I am reminded of the half-finished, enormous 3D origami chicken that is languishing in my basement. It looks more like a strange yellow bowl at the moment but I think we need to gather the troops in the future and finish that chicken off. Coming…well, I want to say ‘soon’ but it would probably be safer to say ‘eventually’… J

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