Saturday, December 27, 2014

It's Not Blurry - It's Fuzzy!

Trying to squeeze in some final days of 2014 crafting in. My cousins came over to visit and my sister and I decided to teach them the wonders of needle felting. Check it out!

My cousin Brianna is a speedy crafter - she cranked out two figures in 3 hours. Here's what she used as a reference:

Oscar the Owl
Hers turned out a lot more - in her own words - "extreme". :P

Brianna: "It needs to stop drinking coffee."

Brianna: "Best model ever! Great from all angles :)"
She decided to capitalize on her love of big eyes for her second creation.

Brianna: "Should have been pink but it's still fabulous!"

My cousin Henrika worked at a slower pace but put a lot of detail into her work.

Henrika: "I got lazy with the head. I will try better next time...when I'm not lazy."

My sister and I decided to underscore the fact that crafting and gaming are totally compatible. There isn't a gamer out there who doesn't know who these two are:

What's your problem?!

I don't need this...

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