Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Birthdays

Sometimes you are inspired – I love it when that happens! You have an idea and you are excited about it. You have a vision in your mind about how it will look like and off you go!

Unfortunately, the execution can sometimes turn out to be a little disappointing. Then again, every artist is her own worst critic.

My cousin Amanda was born in January and last weekend, I was invited to her birthday party. It was the perfect excuse to pull out all my crafting supplies and make a card. I had a hard time coming up with a design though. Most of the teenage card ideas had fashion as a focus and that did not quite fit what I had in mind. I did some brainstorming about the number 13 and aside from Halloween related things and a baker’s dozen, I was a little at a loss. I thought of drawing a cartoon version of my cousin sitting on a mountain of bread but then thought – who was I kidding? My cartooning skills are not that good.

Anyway, I was flipping through my paper stock when I came across my unopened BazzillBasicsPaper™ DivinelySweet paper pad. The patterned papers are double sided which meant that both patterns would have be to my liking because I did not want to waste one side by mounting it on another piece of card stock. My eye was caught by the Flower Power Teal/Flower Power Cameo sheet. Sweet yet subtle blue on one side – full blown princess pink on the other. I thought, Under what circumstance could you ever use this? That is when the contrast struck me as short of genius. 

I really love this card but I am also not 100% happy with how it turned out. If I ever make this again, I would definitely choose a different font for “Amanda is turning…”. I would also layer the Flower Power Teal paper and the “13” onto another piece of cardstock and have the words on a lighter, plainer background.  The contrast would help the words stand out. I would also have fewer glitter jewel stickers – I find them a little overpowering.

All that being said though, I am still very proud of the idea behind this card. It is one of the few times that I feel that I have come up with something clever.

The birthday party was also for my cousin’s grandfather so of course, I also made a card for him. His design is a lot more simpler but I feel the clean and neat feel of it is suited to a dignified 80-something year old gentleman.

After making several cards, I am starting to get a feel of my weaknesses and the one that bothers me the most right now is my lettering. Time to pull out my pens and start practicing. 

Just bought myself a set of these for about $10.00 at Costco! Just look at all those pretty colours... : )

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