Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014! *Blows a party horn and throws confetti* I love New Year – so much potential, so many possibilities…so many potential crafting possibilities! My Pinterest boards are loaded with plans and my craft supply cupboard is bursting. I am all set!

Every year, I make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions and even if I rarely carry mine through the whole year (*blush* I am a bit ashamed to admit…), I still love making them. Hope springs eternal  ; )! This year, I fully intend to have at least one post up on this blog each week. They will be released every Thursday simply because Thursday has always been and still is my favorite day of the week. Everyone can also look forward to Allison finally posting up some of her creations. She knits the cutest things and I always feel like I am dragging an elephant up a hill trying to get her to show them off.

This year, I am also going to try taking some ‘work in progress’ photos and maybe even create a tutorial for something. All big plans!

I was really not sure what to post as my first crafting diversion of the year but I figured a winter theme was a must. This doodled coffee cup was completed thanks to a 3-hour church annual general meeting. My friend had bought a coffee from a local shop and the entirely blank paper cup was irresistible to my pen. This was definitely an impromptu craft and when life hands you an opportunity like that, you cannot pass it by. I would have preferred a sharpie but I suppose one cannot be too picky under the circumstances. As you can see, I am so productive at meetings ; D!

See that sparkly Christmas card on the right with the ornament and the snowmen? That is a handmade card from a friend of mine in Thunder Bay. I have craft-y friends : )

I am not a doodler by nature and I have not seriously drawn something since high school so I was feeling a bit rusty with my scribbles.  I am going to have to start decorating the margins of my notes more often.

My friend was kind enough to shoot a video of my rotating coffee cup because you really cannot appreciate the full effect of the wrap around doodles in the photos.

From both Allison and me, we want to thank all of our family and friends who have been reading our blog. Of course, if anyone else out there is also reading, thank you to you also. Onwards to a craft-y (crafting…?) New Year! 

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