Thursday, January 29, 2015

Butterfly Notes (Lil' Notes II)

These number as one of my more extravagant crafting purchases and if you know how much punches usually cost, you will understand why I say that.

The guilt was taken away by an Amazon gift card and free shipping though!
I have discovered a love of punches but their price is the only thing that keeps me from purchasing tons of them. Honestly, that is probably a good thing as I do not craft enough to justify to myself buying so much stuff.

I see butterfly punches used in many, many Pinterest projects. When the punches arrived in the mail, I immediately put them to work punching through my stack of paint chips.

I really enjoy the ombre look.

Some punches are elaborate but although they look beautiful, they are less versatile compared to simpler designs. However, I really couldn't pass up this monarch butterfly punch. They look so good when punched out with rich colours.

There's a butterfly mobile that I've seen on Pinterest and Etsy that I want to try one day. We shall see when I finally have the time...

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